World Heavyweight
Joe Heisman

Defeated Vic Capri, 11-15-2014

Vic Capri-Defeated Joe Heisman, 10-18-2014

Joe Heisman- Defeated Rion Skillz, 5-17-2014

Rion Skillz--- way elimination vs Wally Wilde, Joe Heisman, and The Butcher  6-22-2013

VACANT -- By order of PCW owner Rick Knight, 04-20-2013

The Butcher -- Defeated Joe Heisman, 02-23-2013

Joe Heisman---Defeated JTW, 01-26-2013

JTW---Defeated Johnny Mac,  6-16-2012

Johnny Mac---Defeated Butcher, JTW, Joe Heisman, Shawn Davis, & Christopher Avonts,  6-18-11

The Butcher----Defeated Joe Heisman--- 12-11-10

Joe Heisman-- Defeated Jay Phoenix & Shawn Davis(Ladder Match, 6-12-10

Jay Phoenix----Defeated Shawn Davis, 3-20-10

Shawn Davis---Defeated Johnny Mac--- 1-31-09

Johnny Mac--- Defeated The Butcher, 1-31-09

The Butcher---- Defeated Ares 6-21-08

Ares--------Defeated The Butcher,  12-15-07

The Butcher------defeated Johnny Mac, 10-13-07

Johnny Mac----- defeated Jarod Preist, 7-1-07

Jarod Preist---- defeated Johnny Mac, 6-30-07

Jonny Mac----Won tournament for vacant title defeating D-nytemare, 10-21-06

Lethal Lee(stripped of title due to injury)-- defeated Jay Phoenix, 6-23-06

Jay Phoenix--- defeated Sacrifice & Lethal Lee, 3-11-06

Sacrifice--- defeated The Butcher, 6-25-05

The Butcher-- defeated Rick Knight, 9-18-01

Rick Knight--- defeated Sacrifice, The Butcher, & Johnnie Mac, 6-19-04

Sacrifice--- won tournament final for vacant title, 1-24-04

Egotistisco Fantastico(stripped of title due to lack of defenses)--defeated John Burke, Chris Styles, & Rick Knight, 6-7-03

John Burke--- defeated Shane Dougles, 5-18-03

Shane Dougles--- defeated John Burke, 5-17-03

John Burke--- defeated Jimmy Blaze, 9-9-02

Jimmy Blaze--- defeated Sacrifice, 6-15-02

Sacrifice--- won tournament final over Rick Knight & Jimmy Blaze, 7-21-01